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Danny Checks In

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It feels like we're bombarding the membership with content today, but USA Today has a good story focused on Danny Ainge, in particular his recovery from his heart attack.  I'd encourage everyone to check it out.  Some tidbits follow.

On his health:

"I feel great," Ainge, 50, says. "I try to get 45 minutes to an hour of cardio each day. Nothing fanatical. How can I not work out? I practically live in a health facility."

Ainge has lost 25 pounds since the heart attack and says he's more conscious about what he eats. He also sleeps better at night.

"He just looks healthy," Boston coach Doc Rivers says. "He's in great shape. I'm jealous."

On KG and the "staples" issue:

Even with a clean bill of health and a smarter lifestyle, Ainge knows his job comes with aggravations. This summer he dealt with questions on the status of superstar Kevin Garnett's knee, including whether the 33-year-old forward had tendons stapled to bone (Ainge says he does not).

"It's like this thing created a life of its own," Ainge says. "I've had so many crazy questions. People say, 'He tore his (anterior cruciate ligament) and you didn't want to say it.' My gosh.

"He had an aggravating bone spur on the back of his knee. It was a good-sized one. There was no structural thing there. I think KG is going to be fine. He looks good right now. He's just got to get his confidence back, his strength, all that."

On Rondo (and bloggers):

"People were trying to read between the lines," Ainge said. "All of a sudden the talk shows and the bloggers are saying, 'Oh! (Ainge) said he's not a (maximum-contract) player! What does that mean? How come he doesn't like him?'

"I was stating some things that Rondo needs to improve. He needs to be a better leader. He needs to be a little bit more consistent. He needs to improve the shooting. And the next thing I know, it's like I'm ripping Rondo. I mean, I love the kid. We're hopeful that Rondo will be our point guard for a decade."

There's a lot more (including Danny's thoughts on the over-sensitivity of our society, the media, and his family.  There are some thoughts from Doc about how Danny's heart attack changed his routine, as well.

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