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Obligatory KG Update

Scott Souza reports:

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he expects Garnett to start tonight's preseason opener against the Rockets in Hidalgo, Texas, but that his movement will be monitored closely throughout the exhibition and early season schedule.

"Today, I thought [the leg issues] bothered him more than the other days. . . . He went through the practice. But I didn't think he was great today."

"I just think it's from not playing. You take the time off that he took off. Then you get on the floor. Then you go through a camp that is live and hard. I think your injury is okay, but the stuff around the injury starts to affect you, and I think that's what's happening." . . .

While to some extent that's disappointing news, nobody could realistically believe that KG wasn't going to have the occasional bad day.  Despite the fact that he had minor surgery, it was still surgery.  I think we're all looking forward to seeing him back in action tonight.

More from Doc (via Steve Bulpett):

"No, it’s just another day," the coach said [of the first pre-season game] after yesterday’s practice. "I’m sure it’ll be billed as [KG's comeback] though. You know, he’s back on opening night as far as I’m concerned. Right now he’s just going to play basketball." . . .

"It’d be great for him to play though - play in a real game atmosphere. I think it’d be great for him, really for all of our guys to get back out on the floor."

Ray notes that he went through something similar during his own recovery from bone spurs:

Ray Allen can relate. When he arrived for his first training camp with the Celtics two years ago, he was coming off surgery on both ankles. He said he expected that procedure - which happened in April - would cure everything. Yet, while it did fix the injury, he still dealt with unexpected pain around his ankles through the first half of the season.

"I kind of understand what Kevin is going through," Allen said. "You can have something minor done. But when you come back, you are always going to have soreness."

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