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Memphis Grizzlies Preview

Are the Grizzlies rebuilding with youth or plugging in veteran short term solutions?  Seems like both.  Not sure how well that will work out.

NBA Previews - MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES | 3 Shades of Blue

How can the Grizzlies keep everyone happy and productive with some many strong personalities on the team? That's the million dollar question now isn't it. Allen Iverson says this season is personal. He wants to prove he can still be the AI of his rookie year. He won't be happy coming off the bench (although he did say you wouldn't notice it on the court). This is the man who is supposed to be the leader? Can AI become a true leader, sacrificing his game for the betterment of the team? Zach Randolph says he's found a new maturity after the birth of his child but apparently that wasn't enough motivation last year to prevent him from getting into trouble in LA. It wasn't enough to prevent him from punching Louis Amundsen in a game either. Is he really reformed or just relaxed during the off-season? Memphis won't be that good if Randolph is unable to play in 30 or more games.

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