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Yep, this is definitely the pre-season

Jimmy Toscano will follow up after the game with a recap, but for now, a few thoughts on the 1st half.  

  • Oh wow is this ugly.   I think they will have to re-paint the rims at half time.   Maybe TA can get up on a ladder and do that, maybe he can contribute that way?
  • Rasheed made a turn-around jumper late in the 1st quarter.   Hearing RAAAAASheeed WALLACE from the home public address was actually really jarring.   I'm not used to this yet.   
  • The defense looks pretty good.   Or maybe the Knicks are just bad?  Probably both.  
  • PP abused Gallinari early, but missed the bunnies.  
  • KG looked fluid to me.  Active on D.  Still working on the O
  • Daniels was a little spastic out there.   
  • Rondo showed a very nice pull-up jumper early, but then bricked a few threes after that, so draw your own conclusions there.  
  • If Perk doesn't average a double / double this year (even with Sheed stealing some minutes) I'll be bummed.  

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