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Sesame Street Celtics

A colorful cast of characters indeed.
A colorful cast of characters indeed.

Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street (and also my daughter's first birthday).  So I thought I'd honor the occasion with a fun post comparing current players to Sesame St. characters

Big Bird - Paul Pierce: He's the leader and face of the show but he doesn't always have to be in charge.  Sometimes indecisive but always bold and confident.  (Note: I'm sticking with current C's, so Larry gets only a respectful nod here)

Snuffaluffagus - Kendrick Perkins: Obviously he's big as a tank and moves about like one sometimes.  He can be intimidating but when you get to know him you see his softer side.  He's also invisible to everyone but Big Bird, which speaks to Perk's just-now-growing reputation around the league (his teammates have known how good he is for years).

Grover - Kevin Garnett: He's always hyper, always talking, to the point where you can't even understand his ramblings.  And when he gets real worked up, he runs around waving his long arms around yelling at everyone in sight.  Basically a PG version of KG.

Oscar the Grouch - Rasheed Wallace: Goes without saying.  He really likes his reputation of being mean and nasty but deep down you just know he's got a heart of gold.

The Count - Ray Allen: He's smooth, he's friendly, but there's just a hint of danger behind those eyes.  And you can just picture him counting in his head "one, two, three, four, five 3-pointers! ah ah ahhhhhhh"

Cookie Monster - Glen Davis: Both love to eat (obviously) and both are kind of excitable at times but they always bring out a smile in everyone around them.

Elmo - Rajon Rondo: He's the new kid on the block but he's quickly taken the world by storm.

Bert & Ernie: Marquis Daniels & Eddie House: They are a duo now that Doc has paired them up in the backup PG & point forward roles.  Daniels is more laid back while Eddie is more mischievous and gets everyone hyped up when he gets going.

Herry Monster - Shelden Williams: He's a minor character, but when he comes in, he does his job well.  Also, he's a big monster but you can tell he's soft and cuddly.

Telly Monster - Brian Scalabrine: He's a big, kind hearted redhead that sometimes deals with insecurities but everyone loves him and tries to encourage him.

Gordon and Susan - Danny and Doc: They are the adult humans who let the kids (and monsters) be who they are without getting in the way, but they provide gentle instruction and guidance along the way.  (hey, that rhymed)

Hope you have a sunny day today.  Hug someone you love. 

And a big thank you to all the vets who served this country - happy Veterans Day.

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