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Nobody's Perfect

A little perspective before you panic about last night's loss to a very good Atlanta Hawks team.

  • Last night the Lakers were routed by 26 points by the Denver Nuggets.
  • They also lost by 14 to the Dallas Mavericks on the 2nd night of the season.
  • We've already beat the Cleveland Cavs this year.
  • The Cavs then promptly went to Toronto and lost by 10.
  • They also dropped a close game to the Bulls.
  • The Magic were blown out by the Thunder by 28 points.
  • They've also dropped games to the Pistons and Cavs.
  • The C's are now tied with the Suns (the other team that beat us) for the best record in basketball at 8-2.
  • The Hawks are a game behind at 7-2.
Are there reasons to be concerned?  Sure.  Every team has issues that they need to address and shortcomings that they need to solve or compensate for.  The season is a marathon not a sprint and the 2nd season is what really matters.  A loss here or there is good for finding things to get better at and motivating the team to be ready for every game and every opponent.  A loss now and then is not a reason to panic.

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