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Daily Links 11/16

Herald    Weak effort beneath Celtics
Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks in groove
Lakers drop 2nd straight
Globe   Lakers hear it in loss
It’s tough to defend Celtics’ play


CelticsBlog    Same Old Story
Loy's Place   Random Thoughts on What's Wrong with the Celtics
Random Thoughts on LeBrainiac's Bright Idea
And This is the Best Free Agent Signing of the Season?And This is the Best Free Agent Signing of the Season?
Celtics 17    Ray Allen Contributing to the Welfare of the Greater Good
NESN    Lakers Get Booed at Home in 101-91 Loss to Rockets
Red's Army    Your KG Face of the Day
Your Morning Dump... where maybe we overreacted a little
ESPN    The (new) latest on the Stephen Jackson trade front
Fast-break points favored Pacers 27-6
Celtics Hub    How Does Pace Really Work?
Loscy    Daryl Morey dumps me and the Celtics drop 2 in a row "
Lex Nihil Novi    Ainge Accepts Limited Role (83-84)
Celticslife    Today's Video: John Havlicek Mix
Rondo's Globe Magazine Video and Feature
Name Them All
Gino's Jungle    Granger Backs Up Smack Talk, Celtics Atrocious In Loss
Ginos Jungle Starting Five
Bring In the Assists - Bring In the W's
Hoopsnotes  Marquis Daniels’ Move Was Purely Financial
Green Street     Pierce to strike again for charity
Both Teams Played Hard    Ron Artest Throws Trevor Ariza's Shoe
Dimemag    Give ‘em Ariza to Worry
Washington Times    Tom Knott: Drama queen role fit for King James
NBA Tipoff     How Bennett-Ball Is Played: Sonicsgate, A Review
NY Post  ‘Zombies’ getting too much playing time   Cleveland Cavaliers night news roundup: With wins in 7 of last 8 games, start to season is one of Cavs' best
FanIQ   Celtics license plates take 3 years to be made -
Yahoo      Warriors trading Jackson to Bobcats

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