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Big Baby Still Shrinking, Working

Paul Flannery has some good notes from the open practice today.

Open practice, open questions

BIG BABY UPDATE: The good news on Glen Davis is that Big Baby is getting smaller. He’s been working out every day since he injured his hand in a fight with one of his friends before the season-opener, and sometimes twice a day. "He hasn’t gained a pound," Rivers said. "So that’s a great update. That’s a goal for us is for him to come back lighter. He’s looked good. Some days he comes in the morning and works out and comes back at night and runs more." While he can’t shoot with his right hand in a cast, Davis has been working on his off-hand, as well.

Also, Tony Allen took part in practice and Rondo is working on his free throw shooting form.

Rivers thinks part of the problem has to do with his Rondo’s revamped mechanics. He equated it to a golfer who tries out a new swing and then goes back and forth between the new and the old.

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