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Warriors A Team In Turmoil

Perhaps the cure for our team's recent woes is to play a team with even more woes.  Enough woes to say, ....woah.

Ellis/Warriors situation set to hit full boil at Thursday meeting: Trade inevitable?

Multiple NBA sources have confirmed that Monta Ellis’ status with the Warriors could be determined Thursday, when his agent is scheduled to meet with team management in Oakland. Several sources indicate that Ellis’ agent, Jeff Fried, already has discussed the possibility of the Warrriors giving Fried and Ellis permission to talk to other teams to quicken the pace of trade talks. The Thursday meeting could formalize those general discussions. One source said that Fried tacitly has been given the go-ahead to try to come up with a trade, but that team president Robert Rowell may not yet have officially signed off on it.

The Circus Comes to Town: Warriors Play Celtics Tonight - Celtics Central - Connecticut News

The whacky world of the Golden State Warriors comes to Boston tonight. There is no greater calamity of a franchise than the Golden State Warriors right now. Not the Clippers. Not the Timberwolves. Not the New Jersey Nets. Well, maybe New York, but they’ve been that way for a while.

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