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KG For The Win ...Got It

Glass half full view:  They won!

Glass half empty: It was the Knicks, ...and it took a buzzer beater in overtime.

It should have been a comfortable win but the Knicks stormed back in the 3rd quarter and forced overtime with some late buckets and free throws.  They almost made it 2 overtimes but KG's buzzer beater sealed the deal.

  • Pierce led the way for the good guys with 33 points.
  • Rondo missed a triple double by one rebound and picked up 4 steals to boot.
  • Perkins got a double double of his own and also blocked 4 shots.
  • Al Harrington paced the bad guys with 30 points of his own.  
  • For those scoring at home, Sheed took and missed 3 more threes.
  • Who knew that Eddie Curry still had a pulse?
  • No idea why Rondo was the one taking the shot at the end of regulation, but I'm glad they got it to Garnett in his sweet spot at the end of overtime.
  • A win is a win is a win.  Next!

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