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Celtics Discussed Iverson

Steve Bulpett reports:

"We have had internal discussions about (Iverson)," Ainge said yesterday, "but a decision like this has to be unanimous, and it wasn’t."

Among the questions surrounding Iverson are cost (not a problem after he was willing to go to the Grizzlies for $3.1 million), how much he could help a club and whether, in the case of a good team like the Celts, he’d be willing to come off the bench.

"Those are all things to be considered, but we never got to the point where we discussed them with Allen or his agent," Ainge said.

If things changed around the Celts, via injury or otherwise, and Iverson still is available, the subject would be back on the table.

"He’s someone I would definitely consider if I felt we had a need," Ainge said. "But I like the team we have now, and we don’t have that need."

Make it stop.

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