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Latest KG Updates From Ainge

Ainge has given us a few updates on Kevin Garnett recently.  He told the Herald:

"His surgery has healed, but he's had discomfort in his shins,'' said Ainge, who holds weekly meetings with Garnett and team physician Dr. Brian McKeon. "KG wouldn't be playing right now if he wasn't confident.
"And he wouldn't be playing if he was hurt.''

The lack of explosiveness in Garnett's game is apparent to all involved.

"I've seen explosiveness there, and also a lack of explosiveness, and we'll keep evaluating him,'' said Ainge. "Dr. McKeon watches him, our trainer (Ed Lacerte) watches him, and I think we all know what we're dealing with.''

Just don't ask KG about his knee.  He's sick of talking about it.  Can't say that I blame him.  I'm tired of writing about it.  But it is still the most important ongoing situation to monitor, so I'm sure people will keep asking him (or at least the people around him) about it and I'm going to keep writing about it (most of the time).

For more from Danny on a wide range of topics, check out his interview on WEEI.

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