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Celtics, 116-103

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  • Great balanced attack throughout the game offensively, not much defense at all in the first half, but second half they stepped it up somewhat.
  • Celtics shot 67.6% in the first half and still trailed the Raptors (66.7%) 55-54
  • The Rajon Rondo of tonight's first quarter is the point guard we re-signed for 5 years, $55 million. We need that more from him, obviously.
  • Rasheed Wallace's play in the second quarter was some of the best we've seen from him in weeks. He hit his shots, but more importantly showed off some impressive low post moves that we knew he still had.
  • Every starting Celtic (plus Sheed) had double figures in scoring before the third period ended.
  • Celtics took control in the third period and started playing defense. Held Raps to 35% shooting and outscored them 33-17.
  • The Pierce dunk. Enough said.
  • Celtics only took 9 three-pointers through the first three quarters!