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Celtics Stuff Live: Paul Flannery

The first Celtics road trip of the season has kicked off with a nice victory in Miami, and Celtics Stuff Live hit the stage following the game to try to figure out how much credit gets shared amongst the Celtic players and who the receipients were. Jon and Justin threw compliments around like Sheed tosses three point attempts, but both agreed that the Celtics defense is still falling short of playing a real 48 minute effort.

Paul Flannery of came aboard and ran down where this team has been and where they might be heading. Paul and the CSL guy spent a lot of time talking about the Celtics wings from Paul Pierce's stupendous early efforts this season to Tony Allen's ability to help this squad (yes, that Tony Allen) to what chances exist Danny Ainge trades Ray Allen this season. As Paul's time on the show wrapped, he and Jon spent a fair amount of time taking turns being even bigger fans of Rajon Rondo.

Catch us again on Thursday for another Gold Rarities Postgame Show following the Celtics - Spurs tilt. See you then.

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