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Stats, Stats, and Salaries

Three interesting links for you today.

1. A site appropriately named Basketball Geek uses a formula that looks like this


And determines that what we already know: that KG is the greatest defender in all the land.

2. Wages of Wins uses stats to make the point that Rondo's deal is a bargain for the Celtics.  They go on to make the following predictions:

1. Rondo will continue to produce more than he is paid. Because he does not rely on scoring to produce wins, the NBA player market will continue to undervalue Rondo’s services.

2. Given the age of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, we can expect the productivity of Rondo’s key teammates to decline in the near future. When this happens – and the Celtics start winning less often – perceptions of Rondo’s pay will change. Specifically, when the Celtics are not one of the top teams in the NBA, someone will argue that the Celtics overpaid for Rondo.  

3. Finally, CelticsHub does the math on the salaries and comes to the following conclusion.

All in all, the signing of Rondo relegates the C’s this team to in essence remain committed to this core of players for at least the next two-three years. Lots of holes will have to be filled in this roster by holdovers and players making the veteran’s minimum. There will likely be half the 15 man roster making somewhere between 10-15 million altogether when all is said and done.

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