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Philadelphia 74ers

The Celtics stay undefeated in another laugher, holding the Philadelphia 76ers to 74 points in the process. 

After a tight first quarter, the Celtics blew it open in the second and third, largely on the strength of Rasheed Wallace's 20 points, including a sizzling 6-8 from downtown.   The threes were a theme all night - the Celtics shot 14 of 20, 70% for the game.

Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen both had odd stat lines, with KG putting up 3 points and 6 boards with 5 turnovers in 20 minutes while Ray had only 5 points for the night, but was a +14 on the night.   Honestly KG didn't seem to into it tonight, which is unusual. 

The bench really pushed this game open for the Celtics extending the lead when the starters came out - the core bench guys were all above +25 on the night.   Eddie House is the best garbage time player in the league, just stomping all over Philly with a couple of extreme garbage time three-pointers. Shelden Williams was also pretty solid tonight, flashing a few real nice turnaround post jumpers.

Lester Hudson played quite a bit in the fourth and was absolutely bombing from downtown throwing up two pretty nifty threes of his own.   Old pal Scal got in a bit too, and not surprisingly got that same annoying cheer from the crowd in Philly that he gets in Boston.  Stop it people.

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