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Emphasizing The Good

Rasheed and Garnett don't get into the low post enough.

Rondo needs to develop a jumper.

Eddie isn't really a backup point guard.

Daniels is a tweener without a true position.

Hogwash!  Nonsense!  Ridiculous!  Flibberflabber!

Doc Rivers is a genius.  Think about it.  If he focused on all the negative things you could nit pick about each and every player on this team, they'd spend so much time second guessing and overthinking that they wouldn't be focused on what makes them great.

Sheed and KG are really good at shooting from the outside, so that's what they do.  They are virtually unblockable from 15 feet out.  Their defenders are usually slow-footed behemoths that venture outside about as much as the typical hobbit leaves the Shire.  (Yes, I realize how dated that reference is, and yes, I know I just compared 7 foot centers to hobbits, ...lets just move on)  The point is, they like to shoot from outside.  They are pretty good at it.  Why not let them do it?  Why not reward two guys that bust their butts on defense by letting them float a little on offense?  (Especially when they can clear the lane for Neanderthals that actually like to hit people, know, like Perk)

Rondo has worked on his jumper and we all would like him to be able to hit at least a midrange jumper from time to time.  However, even without much of an outside game, he's doing pretty well thank you very much.  Forget simple assists-to-turnover ratios.  Right now you almost have to start inventing new stats for him.  So far in 5 games he's turned the ball over only 12 times and stolen it 14 times.  He's got a 1.4 assist-to-points ratio (52/37).  Oh yeah, and he's the starting point guard on an 5-0 team and he's got a championship ring and a huge new contract.  Eat your heart out CP3.

Eddie was put on this earth to do one thing exceptionally well, and that is to shoot the basketball.  This whole business about him being too short to be a shooting guard and not a true point guard is just a distraction.  All I know is that when you throw him the ball with a quarter of an inch of space he will catch, square, release, and follow through so fast that it seems like a blur on the screen.

Daniels is part of the reason he can focus on the catch and shoot because Daniels is perfectly happy bringing the ball over half court.  He's perfectly happy playing 3 different positions on the court.  He's perfectly happy playing one position on offense and another on defense.  He's perfectly happy being the utility infielder of this team.  So why ask him to be defined or confined to a particular role?

Doc is a genius because he lets these players be who they are.

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