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Ainge Interview

WEEI had Ainge on for an interview.  See the full transcript here.  Some highlights.

On Rondo:

this summer as a lot of you are aware with all the trade rumors, we discovered that even though we weren't really close to doing a deal for Rajon, we discovered that there is a great deal of interest for him and there's a lot of teams with cap space, with money that have him high on their list.

On Pierce's hot start:

He was like this two years ago and he was like this some last year. I think Paul got worn out carrying our team last year, especially after KG got hurt. Paul has been in this practice facility, I've looked at my window a few nights last week at 9 p.m. and he's getting up shots. After our back-to-back games last week, he was in our gym at 10 getting up shots. He is focused. he's in great conditions. He's putting to shame anyone I've ever played with, including Larry, one of the great workers of all time.

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