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Daily Links 11/6

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Herald    Bulls ride high road past Cavaliers
Knicks set for LeBron James’ only visit this season
Scouting report: Suns at Celtics
Ontario to investigate Raptors’ swine flu shots
LeBron James left in a state of denial as final drive shut down at rim
Jazz rebound in 113-99 win over Spurs
Globe    Suns thumbnails
Garnett blocks out nostalgia

CelticsBlog    Flash Forward
Red Claws Draft Results-Danny Ainge Makes a Cameo
The Most Hated Jumpshot
Loy's Place     Celtics Put Unbeaten Record On the Line Against the Suns
ESPN   Daily Dime: What's wrong with the Cavs?
Rajon Rondo has been at his best against the Phoenix Suns
Boston Celtics Blog - Don't doubt Big Baby's football skills
NBA will not take action against Rondo or Paul
Glen Davis of Boston Celtics wants to try NFL when basketball career is over
Boston Celtics Blog - Celtics off to historic start
Celtics 17   Notice anything different this season?
Red's Army    The NBA is OK with a racist owner
Dwight Howard Did What?
Doc: Paul Talked More Trash Than RondoDoc: Paul Talked More Trash Than Rondo
Paul Pierce on Antoine, and what President Clinton did with his fiancee
Is that the Crazy Train I hear in the distance?
Is Wally World shutting down?
Your Morning Dump... Where Cleveland lost at home again
Celtics Hub    An Interesting and Possibly Even Relevant Fun Stat
Early Extremes: What Will Last and What Won’t?
Lex Nihil Novi    Not a Bad First Six Games for the Beast
C's Exact Some Measure of Revenge for Playoff Sweep (83-84)
Shelden is Fitting In
Best Defensive Teams
KG has Career Night in Loss (1995)
More from #13, More on #13
Celtics Life    Today's Video: More Len Bias
Mike Gorman on the Rondo deal & the NBA's financial future
Gino's Jungle    You Can Stop Talking About Rondo and CP3, For Now
Pierce is Human Afterall
Celtics stuff Live     Rondo’s Fast and Furious with $55M for 5
CBS Sports    Suns-Celtics Preview
Daily Cardinal      NBA offers exciting regular season storylines
Jazzbots  An Argument for Prep-to-Pro Pt. 1
Hoopsvibe   Chris Paul versus Rajon Rondo feud
Ray Allen Denies Apologizing to Chris Paul for Rajon Rondo
Star Tribune    Celtics' Glen "Big Baby" Davis perhaps lacks focus
Bukisa    The Celtics have the Suns in their cross hairs
MetroWest Daily News    Celtics: Packed schedule hasn't hurt Boston
Patriot Ledger    Celtics couldn’t ask much more from their bench
CT News    Bynum Thinks Lakers Could Break Bulls Record
NBA D-League Drafts First High School Player Ever
Dimemag   An Inconvenient Truth
Slam Online    Win A Year of League Pass Broadband!
Green Street     Grousbeck refutes claims of Celtics financial troubles
NBA Power Rankings 11/5
NBA Power Rankings 11/5
Doc Rivers on D&C, 11/5
CMSB     Red Claws Draft Results
Danny Ainge Q+A From Red Claws Draft
Examiner    Why is Delonte West still on the court after his indictment?
ProJo     Celtics’ bench goes from weakness to strong pointCeltics’ bench goes from weakness to strong point
WEEI    Paul Pierce, Celtics Forward on WEEI
The Three-Pointer: Celtics Send Another Message
Network World   Boston Celtics clamp down on spam
NESN     Shelden Williams Making Major, Unexpected Contribution
Newsday     Could a Big Baby make it in the NFL?
Awful Announcing  Greg Dickerson Doesn't Appreciate Your Cursing Mr. Garnett
FanHouse    The Specialists: Perkins and Dampier Have Real Value
Sporting News    Suns-Celtics Preview
PBN    Power Rankings: Week 1 group jumbled after top tier
Twin Cities    Ghost of Kevin Garnett haunts Timberwolves with a late favorable call
Bostonist   Sports Redux: Celtics Escape Wolf Trap
City Pages Celtics, KG escape Minneapolis scathed    Links between Garnett, Wolves have faded over time
Frye, Anderson help fans forget about losing the big names
Boston Sports Pulse    Petey’s Corner: Williams is a Keeper
USA Today    Garnett is fully moved on from Timberwolves
Basketbawful    Worst of the night: November 4, 2009
Sports of Boston    Not Extending Ray Allen a Smart Move
Hartford Informer   Celtics Ready to Return to Form of Two Years Ago
LA Times    Magic-Bird, Lakers-Celtics rivalry, part 2
Dimemag     Big Baby Has Big Dreams To Play In the NFL

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