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No D, No Win

Clearly both teams made a pact before the game to play pickup style no-defense in this one.  The only problem is that the Suns don't have Shaq and Terry Porter to slow them down anymore, so they are back to being an offensive force.  

Jason Richardson couldn't miss tonight (6-7 on threes), Nash looked like the 2 time MVP of old, and Amare chipped in with 22 of his own points.

KG had a good offensive game (his new signature move is the alley-oop-layup) and all the starters scored in double figures, but the story of the game was the lack of defense.  You can't count on outscoring the Suns.  Oh yeah, and shooting 50% from the line doesn't help either.

You can't win them all.  Tip your hat to the Suns.

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