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Avert Your Eyes

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How did the Celtics respond to their first loss of the season?   They threw up a stinker in New Jersey.   Thankfully for the Celtics, the Nets can barely dress eight players and had to start Trenton Hassell.   I know, I was surprised he's still in the league too!   

This was just a bizarre and awful game.   It was played a snail's pace, and while it seemed like the Celtics couldn't shoot - mainly Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen (up until Ray made a couple late to ice it), the Nets had lineups out there that probably haven't even practiced together.    The Celtics were fortunate that these unfamiliar Net lineups turned the ball over 23 times - 20 of those TOs were actually Celtics steals.   Marv Albert (I had the Nets broadcast) informed me that is a league high so far this year.   The turnovers really were the key to the victory tonight.

The Celtics have now played three sub-par games in a row.   Hopefully they get some much needed rest and practice time before the Jazz come to town.