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What Can I Say? (5 In A Row)

What can I say except, ...I told you so! (yeah, I'm not above a little rubbing it in)

Back on November 21st we had just lost 3 of 5 games and things were looking kinda dour around here.  I had a "darkest before the dawn" kind of feeling.

I'm making a few bold and contrarian predictions right now.  The Celtics will win at least 5 games in a row starting Sunday night against the Knicks

Done.  This team is just too good to be held down for long.  The wins have come against some not-too-great teams, so we aren't out of the woods yet.  But it is a nice start.  Now can they follow through on the 2nd prediction I made?

They will also lose at most 3 of the 14 games before meeting the Magic again on Christmas (so that's at least an 11-3 run).

So to make good on this prediction, they only need to go 6 - 3 before Christmas day.  I think that is very doable.

As for thoughts on this game?  Not much to say.  

  • The Kitty Cats still have a long way to go.
  • Been waiting for Ray to take over a game and bump those averages up a bit.
  • Another day, another great game by Perkins.  He's been the definition of solid.
  • Rondo has a steal in every game this season.

Nice win.  Nice run.  Lets keep it going.

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