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AM Notes: Allen's Last Chance, Lester Helps Rondo

A couple of notes for your morning.  First of all, Scott Souza of Metro West Daily has joined the boys at Celtics Stuff Live for a weekly column.  He reminds us that if Ainge had his way this summer, Tony Allen wouldn't be around.  Kind of ironic that the guy they were trying to trade him for is the guy that he's filling in for now.

The Square Peg That Is Tony Allen

[Tony Allen] seemed destined to never wear a Celtic uniform again. Ainge surely tried to make that happen. After backing Allen one last time last summer when he said Pierce and Rivers pushed hardest for the team to re-sign him to a two-year contract after James Posey took a four-year offer from New Orleans, Allen might as well have had a "free with purchase" tag on him this summer. Multiple reports had him involved in the package the Celtics were offering in a sign-and-trade with the Pacers for Daniels. The Pacers opted to give Daniels away instead.

Also, Bulpett reports that Lester Hudson is playing Rondo in one-on-one before games.

Counter points -

"I think it’s starting to help me a lot finishing on the break and making my one-on-one moves, and especially with my ballhandling," said Rondo, who broke out with a team-high 21 points in Thursday’s win in Washington. "You know, I always thought I was a great ballhandler, but one-on-one you can get real crafty and creative with it. He helps me a lot. I love playing one-on-one before the games with him. "I can’t have the same moves. I have to have different moves when I play against Lester. He gets me going before the game, helping me finish shots. He’s a physical player. He’s about 6-(foot)-3 and he has long arms and he’s a big, strong guard, so I love playing against him every game. It kind of gets me going."

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