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Rondo Shooting Straight

In case you haven't noticed, Rondo has been hitting more of his jumpshots lately.  His coach and teammates have noticed:

Rondo giving it his best shot - The Boston Globe

Coach Doc Rivers has been pushing his point guard to shoot more. First, the more Rondo shoots, the more confidence he gets. Second, the more he draws defenders, the more he can drive past them for a dish to a teammate or layup. "It’s great where he is at mentally, he understands our team,’’ Rivers said. "If we come down and take three or four shots without running the offense, he’ll slow us down and get us in a set. That’s the sign of a great point guard. He’s become a leader on our team and I think that’s the step he’s taken this year. Our guys now want to follow him and that’s huge when your point guard is your leader.’’ - KG comments on Rondo

"The man’s worked on his game a lot," Garnett said. "I try to pull him to the side and tell him little small things about getting better and wanting to embrace that and actually believe in that. I think he’s embraced the whole notion of getting better. Actually you can see it, not just with his mentality but with his physical presence. He’s on the weights; he’s taking care of his body. "You know, he hears the whispers. He hears the hollers, the critics about his game. And he chases that. That fuels him. He has a lot of confidence in himself right now."

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