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Celtics Score Last

Wire to wire this was a close game.  Neither team could push the lead past 5 or so for any length of time.  The Celtics simply were able to score a few more times down the stretch than the Griz.  That's what good teams do.

Interesting note:  At one point in the first half, Sheed had just missed consecutive 3's.  Out of the huddle CSN reported that Doc stressed to Sheed to get in the paint more (somewhere Pistons nation must have been chuckling).  Sure enough, Sheed got in the paint and scored 3 or 4 buckets on the hapless Zach Randolph.  So it seems Sheed can be coached after all.  Of course he went back to shooting (mostly open) 3's later, but still.

  • Rudy Gay bolted out to 17 points, but ended up with only 23 on the game.
  • Randolph and Mayo also each topped 20 points and the Griz shot over 51.2% from the field.
  • Luckily the Celtics shot 52.5% from the field.
  • Some of that was pace, some of it was lack of D, some of it was just plain hot shooting.
  • Rondo was impressive again, with 18 points and 9 assists.
  • All even on the boards tonight (36 each), which is a step in the right direction considering we played a team with Randolph, Thabeet, and Gasol.  Also, there weren't many rebounds to go around since neither team could miss.
  • Lester Hudson got word before the game that he'll be headed to the D-League for a couple of weeks to get some run.  I predict he'll do very well in Maine.
  • Yet another evenly balanced scoring effort with all the starters plus Sheed putting up double figures (and House added 9).  When that happens once in a while, it can be an anomaly.  When it happens regularly, you have to credit the offense and of course the way Rondo distributes the ball.
  • Ok, one last time.  I told you so!  Turns out I was aiming a little low.

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