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Daniels on road to recovery

Whats the hardest thing Marquis Daniels has to deal with while wearing a hard cast on his left wrist? Tying his shoes. Also, opening bottles and playing video games. Daniels is a big video game guy, and this injury is seriously cutting into his time playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. 

Daniels sat in front of his locker before the game and fielded questions regarding his recent surgery. According to the doctors, his recovery is right on schedule. Ten stitches were taken out recently, and Daniels is scheduled to go back to doctors on January 8th to see how the thumb is healing. He also revealed that a pin was placed in his thumb during surgery. Daniels said he hopes to be back before the All-Star break.

According to Daniels, he was going to play through the injury all season. It was clear to Doc Rivers during the team's practice that the injury was bothering him too much. Doc blew the whistle, pulled Daniels aside, and told him that something had to be done. It was then that Daniels went the surgery route. While he could be recouperating at home, he chose to stay with the team because while he can't play on the court, he can still learn the plays and remain comfortable in Doc's system.

Dealing with the thumb injury isn't the only thing Daniels is getting used to. The other thing? The weather. Daniels referred to the weather as being "quarterback numbers" since the temperature has been so low. Also, he said it was so cold the other night that he went outside to do something and forgot what he had to do once he got out there because it was so cold. Daniels, an Orlando, Florida native, said it was cold playing in Indiana, but nothing like it is here in Boston.

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