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Celtics Stuff Live: Kelly Dwyer


Kelly "The Cobra" Dwyer from the Yahoo Sports Blog, Ball Don't Lie, joined Celtics Stuff Live to look around the league and provide a national perspective on our hometown Celtics. Kelly is wearing his CSL nickname with pride and put Celtic fans fears to rest in terms of the recent officiating, stating that Bill Kennedy could have Lakers bedsheets for all he knows, but that it is unlikely to be a major factor in the outcome of the season over the long haul. We picked up from last week's interview and asked if Paul Pierce deserved MVP consideration for his unselfish play this year (commonly felt to be the best of his career in these parts) and Kelly did not feel that Paul was at the top of his list.

Kelly felt that Boston still has a lot to prove and should be motivated for the Christmas day bout against Orlando. His sense was that Orlando did not have that same sense of urgency, which might result in a C's victory on the upcoming ABC holiday broadcast. In ranking the eastern contenders, he has Boston, Orlando, and Cleveland in that order but reminded that a lot can change between now and April. He felt that Cleveland should put Lebron at the 4 and use Lebron to push the tempo more often to help pull that team together, and that possibly they had missed a window of opportunity in losing to Orlando last season in the ECF's.

We also previewed the February trade deadline and the impact this summer's impending free agency bonanza might have on a potentially bizarre outcome. Join us on Tuesday night after the game against the Pacers for the Gold Rarities Postgame Show!

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