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Daily Links - 12/21

FLCeltsFan is taking a vacation from the links, so here's my small attempt to provide a few links for you this morning.

Green Street " Inside the Game: Paul Pierce and the Art of Versatility

After nearly 12 years in the league, Pierce has learned how to accentuate his talents to help the Celtics win. He ranked first on the Celtics in scoring and 3-point shooting, second in assists, and third in rebounding heading into Sunday’s game. This overall versatility is what makes him one of the most dangerous players in the league.

Three cheers for Paul Pierce -

By shooting 6-of-6 from downtown as the crux of his 29-point performance, Pierce became the third player in franchise history to hit six treys without a miss. Walter McCarty, who went 6-for-6 on Nov. 2, 1999, in Toronto, and Ainge, who did the same on Jan. 4, 1988, in Utah, have company.

Rondo passes up quite a chance - The Boston Globe

Rajon Rondo had 13 points and 15 assists in the Celtics’ 122-104 victory over Minnesota last night. But Rondo was regretting one of those assists after being informed that Paul Pierce had a chance to break a team record for 3-pointers without a miss. "I had no idea, I didn’t know he shot 6 for 6 until I saw him do an interview,’’ Rondo said. "You know, I looked him off on one, too. The skip pass to Ray [Allen], Paul said he was open, too. He made sure he told me that right after.’’

Timberwolves' Jefferson, Celtics' Perkins at head of this class - The Boston Globe

High school centers are far from guaranteed to produce at the NBA level, especially those who played against much-lesser competition in high school. Celtics executive director of basketball operations Danny Ainge scored on both Perkins and Jefferson because they possessed the talent and work ethic to remain in the leagu

Al Jefferson plays with perspective -

"It’s a blessing to be in the league," Jefferson said before his team’s 122-104 loss to the Celtics [team stats] at the Garden. "I’m just happy I’m still in the NBA. I’d rather be in the NBA losing than not be in it at all. "We’ve got a young team. I’ve been on a young team the last five years, but that’s a part of life."

‘Mad respect’ for Kendrick Perkins -

Modestly aside, Perkins is doing far more than carving a niche for himself amid a cast of more celebrated teammates. It became almost cliche to throw in several lines about how helpful it is to play next to Garnett whenever he would have a decent game. But ask not what your Big Ticket can do for Perk, for, conversely, Kendrick Perkins does much to make Garnett’s life easier. He would be a great success if all he did was play defense, hit the glass and make teams have to guard him a tad. But he’s become so much better with the ball that sleeping on Perkins will give an opponent a nightmare.

Tony Allen has an impact -

Allen took the ball right to the hoop and posterized Minnesota’s Corey Brewer with a one-handed slam. "Actually I kind of surprised myself. I wanted to lay it up, but I saw him running so hard, so I just had to finish," Allen said. "I was pretty happy after that. It actually motivated me throughout the game."

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