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Krypto-Nate Wants To Wear Green Full-time

Daily Dime - ESPN

Robinson does want out, and a source close to the Robinson camp tells there's one place the former slam-dunk champion would truly like to land if a trade can be worked out: Boston.

Robinson also is what's known as a base-year compensation player, a designation given to any player whose salary rises more than 20 percent from the previous season (Robinson went from making $2.02 million to $4 million). If the Knicks found a trade for Robinson that was to his liking, they could only take back a player making $2.02 million or less -- and Walsh has been adamant that he will not take on any contracts that eat up the cap space he has squirreled away for next summer. (Note: A trade of Robinson to Boston for J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker would work under salary cap rules, but would add nearly $2 million to the Knicks' 2010-11 payroll. A Robinson-Marquis Daniels swap -- with all deals possibly brokered through a third team -- would make more sense for New York payroll-wise, but it is questionable whether that would interest the Celtics -- even with Daniels sidelined until the All-Star break by thumb surgery.

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