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Get Ryan Gomes

I've got this college buddy of mine that I love like a brother.  A few years after college, he moved away for personal/logistical reasons. We keep in contact and he's doing wonderfully where he is so I'm happy for him, but obviously it isn't the same as having him around.  I've recently got word that there's a chance that he could be coming back into the area.  Needless to say, I'm excited.  Things will be different of course.  We both have families now and we've matured (a little).  But I just know that he'll fit right in and we'll have a blast hanging out again.

That was my long winded analogy for how I feel about Ryan Gomes.  I don't have any inside information or even a vague rumor to throw out there.  All I have is a few guys on another site that have reminded me that the TWolves have an option on Ryan's contract at the end of the year and there's a chance (however slim) that they could release him or trade him to a team that would release him for cap flexibility reasons.

If such a glorious event were to occur, you can bet that I'll be leading the charge to urge the Celtics to bring him back to Boston (where he belongs).  You see, I've always thought that Ryan was more valuable to the Celtics than he would be to any other team.  Sure he's got enough talent to make it work anywhere, but he's also a tweener that isn't capable of being the first, second, or perhaps even 3rd option on a team seeking alpha-males to lead them.  What he is, however, is a great glue guy that does all the little things you need to win basketball games.

One man's tweener is another man's versatile utility infielder.  Much like a taller Marquis Daniels he would fill multiple roles on the currently constituted Celtics roster.  He'd be that big 3 that has eluded Doc for many a year.  He would spell Pierce (which would have a noticeable trickle down effect on the rest of the roster) and he could fill in at the 4 in smaller lineups.  He's even developed a reliable jumper that would fit perfectly into Doc's offensive schemes (floor spacing) and he's bright enough to pick up the defense quickly I'm sure.

In terms of personality, you couldn't ask for a better lockerroom and community guy.  He was Mr. Ubuntu before Doc introduced that term to the team in '07.  Even as a youngster, he was wise beyond his years and there were times when he looked and sounded like a veteran (and maybe at the time he was one of the older players on the team).  I can't find the quotes at this moment but when he was traded away, Danny Ainge singled him out as being one of his favorite people and talked about how hard it was to include him in the deal.

The sad thing for his perspective is that he never got to taste that Championship and he has had to toil (with Al Jefferson) on another rebuilding team.  We've been able to move on and put those rebuilding years behind us.  He has had to relive them over again in another town.

If the Wolves don't plan on releasing him but don't see him as a fixture in their long term plans, I'd be more than willing to use a few of our expiring contracts to swing a deal for him.  Perhaps the rejuvenated Tony Allen and JR Giddens could get it done?

Ryan hasn't turned into an All Star or anything, but I don't think that was his fate anyway.  He has steadily improved his game over the years and would be a great addition to a championship contender.  

If there's any chance of getting him back in green, nothing would make me happier.  Just like seeing an old friend move back into town.

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