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A First Half I'd Like To Forget

What was that?

Sure, the Celtics don't have KG but the Pacers don't have Granger.  So no excuses.  That was just a bad half of basketball.  Down 15 at the half to this team is embarrassing.

  • Pierce is 0-6 with 2 points.  That's not like him.
  • Ray is 0-3 from three point range.
  • Eddie House was the only one who could buy a bucket.
  • Rondo only has 2 turnovers but it feels like more.
  • Speaking of Rondo, his man Earl Watson has 18 at the half.  That's not all luck.
  • Pacers are shooting 46.7% from 3 point land.  We better hope they cool off.
  • Perkins inexplicably can't seem to hold onto the ball.
  • Troy Murphy has 10 rebounds already and the Pacers are ahead 24 to 21 in that dept.
  • The only thing going for us is the odds - Pierce won't stay cold forever, the Pacers won't stay hot forever... I hope.
Things better turn around fast or this is going to be another ugly loss at home.

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