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Night And Day

Well, everything that went wrong in the first half went right in the second half.  Amazing.

  • Earl Watson: scoreless in the 2nd half. (after 18 in the first)
  • Pierce put up 19 points in the 2nd half (after only 2 in the first)
  • Perkins added 13 of his own in the 2nd to finish with 19.
  • Ray gets the game ball though.  He was all over the court with great energy and some sweet 2nd half shooting.
  • The energy level on defense went up 3 notches which keyed the turnaround.
  • I like the way Paul kept on playing through his shooting slump.  Showed leadership.
  • Scal provided some good energy off the bench tonight.
  • Wow, 24 points and 18 rebounds for Murphy tonight.  Is it just me, or does he kill us every time?
  • I don't know what Doc said at halftime, but it appears to have worked.
Very odd game, but I'll take the win.

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