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If Not Now, When?

Dan Duggan of the Herald brought up a good point on twitter today. (Granted, many of you made the same point, but somehow seeing it on twitter brought clarity to it)

Now would seem like a decent time for Doc to give some real minutes to youngsters Giddens and Walker. If not now, when?

Either find out if they will be able to help you or showcase them for a trade. You're gaining nothing by keeping them bolted to bench.

I have to agree. I know Doc will want to win games and he'll trust his vets more. But at this point, we've also got to keep people rested and see what we've got with these younger guys. It is more of a gamble, but gambles sometimes pay off big. And at the very least you'll know if you can count on them later in the year.

I'm all for letting a guy earn his minutes. But based on how Walker and Lester dominated the D-League competition, you have to imagine that they can be players in this league.

So who do you think has the best shot at stepping up?

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