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And a new road streak starts....

Nellie-ball!   Thankfully the Celtics only have to play it twice per season.   On the second night of a west-coast back-to-back, coming off a rather disappointing effort, without Captain Pierce the Celtics were caught in a buzz saw of helter-skelter play.   Rest assured, if the Celtics put out a 2009-2010 season DVD, this game will not be on it.  It was uglier than Sheed's 3pt percentage (28.5% on the season, but 6 of his last 31).   The Warriors held on with some timely baskets and defense down the stretch.  

Again it came down to the final moments, and for the second night in a row, Doc calls for a three in a clutch situation rather than ramming it low (Ray today, Sheed on Sunday).   Maybe its just me, but I think giving KG a touch there down 3 with 45 seconds to go might be a good strategy.  

  • Two games ago, the Celtics defense was crushing.   Apparently that defense stayed in Orlando as the Warriors, like the Clips, cut the Celtics into pieces on the defensive end of the floor.  
  • Credit the Warriors though, they hit shot after shot after shot after shot...Particularly Ellis, Randolph and Watson.
  • Rajon bounced back with 30 points  and 15 dimes (offset by 6 turnovers), but Ellis also just did whatever he wanted and scored 37 points.  
  • Perk is havinga terrible, horrible, no good very bad west coast portion of this road trip.   Kaman used his step-back powers to abuse Perk.  The Warriors bigs (aside from Turiaf) are all so skinny that as soon as Perk touches them it looks like they're being tossed around, leading to a couple of cheap calls.  
  • Glen Davis played well, but suffered a sprained ankle late in the 3rd (or so), and did not return.  
  • Can't wait for this roadie to be over both for the home court and a return to Tommy on the broadcast, but first the Celts have to play the Suns, who will be in action for the first time since their destruction of the Lakers. Rut row, this could be a 1-3 road trip.  

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