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C's Hold On To The Win (Not The Ball)

It is a good thing this team is awesome, because they couldn't rebound to save their lives tonight and still pulled out a win.  The Spurs outrebounded the Celts 55 to 32.  And get this, they pulled down 20 offensive rebounds while the C's only managed 2.  Yet the Celtics still pulled out the win.  Crazy.

  • No idea how this Blair kid slipped so far.  Sure he's undersized, but he knows how to get the ball up and in and he can sure rebound.  We could use someone like that right now.
  • Another day, another double double for Rondo.  He came up with some key plays late in the game too.
  • KG looked spry today.  Not sure if this is one of those "good days/bad days" things or if he's getting better and better, but I'll take it.
  • It helped that the Spurs missed over half their free throws and only 2 three pointers.
  • Odd game but a solid win against a very, very high quality opponent.

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