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Losing Links

The Globe and Herald present their takes on the recent losses.

Celtics bottom out -

For better or worse - depending on the opponent - the Celtics [team stats] have taken to playing to the level of their competition. They will soar with the eagles and sink with the swine. Having completed the dastardly double of losing to the worst two teams in the Pacific Division on consecutive nights, there is only one positive way to spin this: The Celts will be fine when the playoffs get here because the bad teams will have left for the year. But that 1 vs. 8 matchup could be a bear.

Mental lapses are proving to be a real headache - The Boston Globe

Danny Ainge, ...was quick to point out his team’s issues. "I think it’s a combination of we’re getting some pretty good performances by other teams and we’re not playing as hard as we can play for 48 minutes,’’ he said. "We think we can show up for a quarter or a half, and that’s not good enough in this league, and that’s been our pattern. We come out of the gates ready to play and have shown up to play in some cases. Other cases we haven’t; we’ve had to turn it on in the second half. "That’s the fear I had at the beginning of the season - play it out and wait for the playoffs to roll around and not bringing it night in and night out. This is the second stretch where we really haven’t really shown up. The urgency of winning from the get-go hasn’t been important enough.’’

On a more positive note, KG loves Rondo (even more now)

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