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Agent Rondo

Via Hardwood Paroxysm

Lion Face: Rajon Rondo
In case you didn’t remember, Rajon Rondo is 23 years old. He’ll be 24 in February. Think about that for a second. OK, now stop thinking about it and hum the theme to Growing Pains for a bit. Now go back to thinking about how young Rajon Rondo is. He’s arguably the best defensive point guard in the NBA, right? At the age of 23? Think about how difficult it is going to be to score against him when he’s 27. You can say that he can’t shoot. And you can say that he isn’t a good enough scorer to be considered elite. Or go ahead and talk about how he wouldn’t be this good without his Boston teammates around him. But none of that matters because he’s basically Agent Smith in Matrix. He can bend the laws of physics to be quicker than you. Maybe someone will come along someday that proves to be his Neo but until that happens, he’ll just be wrecking shop in the NBA and shutting every point guard down who is arrogant enough to think they can score on him. He’s insane.

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