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Thunder Rolled

No question about it; Kevin Durant can score.  But just like the Bobcats from the other night, they've got a ways to go.  They sort of hung around within 10 points for the first half or so, but the C's put the hammer down in the 3rd and coasted to an easy victory.  That makes lucky 7 wins in a row and a perfect 4 game road trip.

  • The Rondo to KG connection was flowing tonight.  Garnett must have had sore fingers from dunking so many times in a row in the 3rd.
  • Ball movement was crisp and it made the Thunder look woefully overmatched.
  • The defense stifled anyone not named Durant (Westbrook was the only other player to get double figures)
  • Remember when we'd be ecstatic to see Perkins put up 13 points and 8 rebounds?  Now that's just an average game for him (though he did do that in just 25 minutes).
  • Sheed was 100% from 3 point land (2-2) in case you were wondering.
  • Next week has some interesting matchups:  Bucks, Wiz, and Bulls.  All dangerous, all beatable.

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