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Marquis Daniels Will Miss Tuesday's Game with Injured Wrist

Via the Globe:

Guard Marquis Daniels sat out most of Sunday's practice and will miss the Celtics' game against Milwaukee Tuesday with hand and wrist injuries.

Daniels, who was injured last month, said he aggravated the injury early in the training session.

The team's in a pretty good groove right now, so hopefully these injuries aren't serious and Daniels will be back in the lineup soon. My main concern is that they're already ruling him out for Tuesday and it's only Sunday right now. To me, that says it's either somewhat serious and the team knows he'll be out for a handful of games, or it's just precautionary and they want to give him a few days to heal it up entirely, rather than having him continue to play with the wrist not being 100 percent.

Update: Marquis' illuminates the details of the injury

"Nolan Ryan Rondo threw the ball in practice, I tried to catch it, and it just hit my thumb wrong and swelled up a little more," said Daniels, who said he may have an MRI taken of the thumb and wrist tomorrow. "I had to sit down and rest it a little bit. I don't remember how it happened. I just noticed that it's been swelling the last couple of days. I wanted to keep playing, but Doc thought it would be best if I sat out and let it heal up.

"It affects me to a certain extent, but I've played through it," he said. "I hope I heal quick. Hopefully it should be gone. It's very frustrating. I don't want to miss any time or any games."

Here's the latest on Tony Allen, who could very well be filling in for Daniels on Tuesday.

Guard Tony Allen is expected to return to the lineup Tuesday. Allen practiced at full speed Sunday and will be evaluated Monday. No team practice is scheduled Monday.

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