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Everyone Loves Brandon Jennings

A couple articles today on everyone's top Rookie of the Year candidate.

Jennings owes a bow to Garnett - The Boston Globe

His name is Brandon Jennings, and he is the starting point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks. He came out of celebrated Oak Hill Academy in Wilson Va., two years ago ranked by most talent authorities as the best point guard prospect in the land. He failed repeated attempts at an entrance exam at Arizona, and, rather than submit himself to The System by playing at a lesser level of American college basketball (e.g. junior college, NAIA, etc.) he instead went to Italy, where he earned a reported $1.65 million from Lottomatica Virtus Roma, plus an additional $2 million for endorsing Under Armour. Take that, David Stern!

Young Buck runs wild -

His 55-point game against Golden State might have gathered the brightest spotlight, but his court sense is what has people in the league most impressed. Jennings leads the Bucks in scoring at 21.3 points per game. "Red Auerbach used to say there are two ways to get it done - raw speed and quickness, and deception," one NBA scout said. "This kid has both."

There was some debate on the forums a while back about who you'd rather have on your team; Rondo or Jennings. So I'll toss that up as a poll question and let you debate in the forums. (My choice is Rondo by the way)

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