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Doc Rivers: Celtics Bucks pre game

Celtics Bucks Pre Game

Doc Rivers on Rasheed Wallace….

I’m not going to change him with the refs. I’m not going to change the way he plays. I know how he plays and we’re going to use him in the best way. I don’t mind the threes that he takes but I do like him on the post, especially when he’s with the second unit.

When he’s with the first unit, Kevin can be on the post, and I don’t mind that. But with the second unit, especially if Paul’s not on the floor, we really don’t have a post game, and so he has to do that and he’s attempted that over the last couple of weeks.

Using Brian Scalabrine instead of Shelden Wiiliams…..

Mainly because of the line ups that we’ve faced in games against small teams. And so in small line ups, I think Scal has a better chance of staying in front of guys than Shelden.

Scott Skiles on Brandon’s decreased shooting percentage (32%) since the Charlotte game…

Are they game planning him more? Are you guys doing anything different to try to make things a little easier for him out there?

No, not so much. We feel like he’s getting the same looks. For his age, he’s pretty wise about the shots he takes. He doesn’t…maybe if he takes 18 shots in a game, there might be one, maybe two that are a little bit questionable.

But even those, generally it was because there was 6 (seconds) on the shot clock. He’s just hit a little stretch where he’s had a hard time finding the bottom of the basket, a lot of players you can pick a 7 game stretch during the season or a 9 game stretch, where they struggle a little bit.

On to the game...

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