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M*A*S*H Updates

The Celtics really need this All Star break.  Here's all the updates we have this morning.

Ray Allen - Wants to play tonight.  Personally I hope he sits.

With his right hand wrapped in black tape, Ray Allen looked more like he was getting ready for a boxing match than recovering from a basketball game. But despite missing the second half of the Celtics' 89-77 win over the Hornets last night with a hyperextended right thumb, the All-Star guard hopes he will return tonight at Dallas.

Allen said he still had soreness after the game. While coach Doc Rivers doesn't think he will play tonight, Allen plans to test his thumb in a pregame workout.

"I'm going to get out there, work out, and see how it feels," said Allen. "I've had jammed fingers before. But I think the thumb, I wouldn't say it's jammed but it's sprained. I never really had sprained fingers, but jammed fingers. Never my thumb."

Tony Allen - Celtics still taking a wait-and-see approach, targeting Tuesday to learn more.  From the Herald:

The Celts are also hoping Tony Allen can participate in next Tuesday’s session. His left thumb remains immobilized after he injured it two days ago in practice.

“We really won’t know anything until next Tuesday,” said Rivers. “That’s when they’ll take the wrap off and see where it is. Those kind of injuries can be really tough.”

Also from the Globe:

"That's a dangerous injury, those thumbs," Rivers said. "I had one [as a player] and I was out for two months with surgery. You have to be careful. The one thing I know is they are going to reevaluate it and look at it on [Monday]. You have to wait till the swelling [goes down] and then take all the X-rays and stuff. I know he's out for these two games."

Brian Scalabrine - Can start practicing next Tuesday.

Brian Scalabrine’s visit with the doctor went well, and he’s on track to return next week from his two concussions. While he can’t practice until next Tuesday in Utah, Scalabrine is now able to increase his conditioning regimen.

“He can run,” said coach Doc Rivers, “but we don’t want him doing any jumping up and down to rattle that fragile head of his.”

Get well soon guys.

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