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Thumbs Up

Some news and notes from the Globe and Herald notebooks.

Ray played through the pain and maintained the steady play he's given us all year.  Love his attitude.

"I saw the X-ray (Wednesday) night, so I wasn’t worried about it getting any worse," Allen said. "It’s just a matter of dealing with whatever pain there is."

"The first couple of times I caught the ball there was still a stinging pain, but then I just got used to it," he said.

Said Allen: "Nothing to think about. Nothing to talk about. Just keep knocking them down."

Now the guys get some much needed rest.

Rajon Rondo and Leon Powe will be spending some time on the Las Vegas strip. Glen Davis may be tanning on the beach in Mexico by now. Sam Cassell and Kendrick Perkins are going to their offseason homes in Houston. And while Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Allen are participating in the All-Star Game in Phoenix, Eddie House will be nearby hitting golf balls.

Danny Ainge is still humming the same tune.

With the trade deadline Thursday, Celtics president Danny Ainge said there is "nothing brewing." Ainge will cross paths with numerous team executives while attending Competition Committee meetings in Phoenix this weekend. When asked if he expected Boston to make a move, he said, "Don't know. It's hard to know. I don't expect anything to happen for us. I don't think anything is close to happening. But discussions will continue for a week anyway."

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