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Elite vs. Elite

After the Spurs game, I threw this stat out there:

Celtics are now 1 - 4 vs. the teams that are legit title contenders this year (LA, Cleveland, San Antonio).

Cleveland blog WaitingForNextYear had the following to say about that:

I wonder if they don’t count Orlando because they don’t believe in Orlando’s chances or because they are 2-0 against Orlando and so it would make that stat look much different? Anyway, the Cavaliers are 1-5 against Boston, LA, and Orlando (haven’t played San Antonio yet). The Magic are 0-2 against Boston, 1-0 against Cleveland, 2-0 against the Lakers, and 2-0 against the Spurs. That’s an incredible 5-2 record against the NBA’s elite. Perhaps it goes to show you how devastating the Jameer Nelson injury really is.

To answer the blogger, yes - I'm writing off the Magic because of Jameer and because I think they were a half step behind the Cavs and Celtics before that happened (regardless of the records).

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