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Celtics Stuff Live Tonight: Scott Souza and Jeff Clark

With All Star game running in the background, Jon and Justin were ready and raring to go to broadcast the latest edition of Celtics Stuff Live. While All Star Weekend 2009 recieved a unanimous thumbs down from the CSL guys, there was certainly no dearth of topics to discuss. From Dunk Contest winner, the detestible Nate Robinson, to a "beaten H-O-R-S-E" contest there were plenty of low lights for the NBA for the past weekend. One item, however, received universal praise which was the naming of the NBA Finals MVP award in honor of one William Felton Russell.

Scott Souza of the Metro West Daily News joined Jon and Justin early on to add even more to a fantastic column from earlier this week that is the definitive piece on where the Celtics stand with just under 2/3rds of the schedule under their belts. Scott also questioned the future of Sam Cassell on this roster, but perhaps correctly notes that Cassell may be the most likely candidate to point guard this team needs to back up Rondo and allow Eddie House to play off the ball.

In hour numero dos, CelticsBlog jefe Jeff Clark came on to settle the age old question: Baby or Powe? Thankfully for Jeff, he chose Leon or the interview would have ended there and then. Jeff, Jon, and Justin all continued to be surprised at the amount of anger involved in the Baby v. Powe debate on Jeff's blog and this show, but like any marriage... communication is healthy.

One part of All Star Weekend that Jon and Justin were united in their praise of involved Shaq's "Breakin'" introduction with the Jabbawockees which described during the show as, "Hey Kobe, tell me how my mask tastes."


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