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The Debate: Powe vs. Baby

When I was on Celtics Stuff Live, the guys were kind enough to put me on the spot and make me chose between Powe and Baby (no hedging allowed). Of course, this is a little like asking a father which of his kids he loves the best, but I actually did give an answer. You'll have to download the show to hear which one I said.

At various points this year, one has stepped up when the other was struggling. A few times both have been solid and both have been below average, but usually it seems like one or the other.

It seems like fans all around have started taking sides. Some feel passionately about Big Baby and some are adamant that Leon Powe is the real deal. Both camps have great arguments and even though I gave the CSL guys an answer that I believe in, I can't say that they are that far apart. In other words, if I wanted to hedge and say I love them both, I could make the case for both.

Still, since they put me on the spot, I'll put you on the spot. Who do you like better? That goes for the rest of this season and the years to come. Let me put it to you this way: You're Danny Ainge, you've just agreed in principle to make a trade to upgrade the roster and part of the deal is the other GM is giving you the option to give him either Powe or Baby, who do you keep?

Keep in mind, this exact scenario may not play out this week, but at the end of the year Ainge will likely have to make some tough decisions. He might have to chose who to keep and who to let go. It is possible he might resign them both, but it seems like they duplicate each other too much.

I think it will come down to one or the other. Feel free to discuss.

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