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Nothing Happening...

Mostly because I'm getting a little sick to my stomach looking at the possibility of Calvin Booth as the top story on Celticsblog, here's an update from's Chris Mannix:

Not surprisingly, there will be no deadline-day trade for the Celtics, according to a source close to the team. Boston is holding out hope that Joe Smith will stay with the Thunder through the deadline and then negotiate a buyout, after which the Celtics could use their open roster spot -- created by the recent trade of Sam Cassell to Sacramento -- to sign him. If Smith does not get dealt (his trade to New Orleans was rescinded Wednesday), the Thunder are now believed to be willing to buy him out of his contract. Cassell, who was waived by the Kings on Wednesday, will not return to Boston as a player but may be brought back in an assistant coach/player development role.

The Nocioni deal sounded intriguing, at least, but if we end up supplementing the roster with Joe Smith, I'll be pretty happy.  Glad to hear that Sam may be back on the coaching staff.

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