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Bosh Won't Resign?

Interesting rumor coming out of Toronto today:

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN has reported that Chris Bosh has already informed GM Bryan Colangelo that he will not resign with the team in 2010... Smith thinks that Bosh's name will surface in trade rumors, and he mentions Miami and Dallas as possible teams that may look to trade for him.

I doubt they would actually trade him this soon and I don't think the Celtics could in any way get involved, but it is an interesting rumor.  I don't think the Raps want to get cap space in return for Bosh because no big-time free agents would chose Toronto over Miami or another warmer weather spot.  Especially if they don't get the chance to play beside someone like Bosh. 

Their best hope is to either get a great player to play next to Bosh (they have been looking around) and make him want to stay or trade him for a solid foundation of players that would hopefully become great as a team.  But again, Bosh is the kind of guy you build around, not the kind of guy that you trade.  Bad news for Raps fans (if true).

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