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KG Still Out, Tony Has The Flu Too?

From the Globe:

Doc Rivers said there were three players on the team that decided to skip their flu shots.

Kevin Garnett happened to be one of them.

The decision caught up with the Celtics' All-Star, who had to sit out yesterday’s home win over Minnesota to deal with the bug.

Still sick today, Garnett didn’t practice and Rivers said the 6-foot-11-inch forward would also miss tomorrow's game against Philadelphia.


Tony Allen was also one of the three Celtics who passed on his shot, and Rivers said Allen wasn’t feeling well either.

“There’s a likely chance he won’t be on the road trip as well,” Rivers said. “Two guys that didn’t take the flu shot, but . . . ”


Scalabrine was the other player who brushed off the shot.

Rivers said, “We’re assuming he has the flu, too, right now.”

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