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Garnett Injury Updates

Here is what the Herald is reporting on the KG injury - much of which is the same info from last night.  I'll update if/when we get additional information.

Garnett appeared to injure the knee while jumping to convert Paul Pierce]'s alley-oop pass late in the first half. He hobbled off the floor with trainer Ed Lacerte for treatment. Garnett came out for halftime warmups and tried to make some moves with Lacerte watching closely. After a few moments, he left for the night.

"He wanted to run and I just said no," said C's coach Doc Rivers. "Liten, we've got a long season. I'm not taking the risk of putting him out on the floor. We would have loved to have him, obviously. He probably would have made a difference tonight."

The official word from the Celts is that the knee has been a problem for Garnett for a couple of weeks. He will be re-evaluated today. The C's don't play again until Sunday afternoon in Phoenix.

Garnett did not speak with reporters after the game, but did issue the following statement:

"As you know, I suffered a strain to my right knee tonight. I really don't have any comment about it. I will have the knee re-examined (today) and we should have more information at that time. Obviously, I'd much rather be playing instead of giving this statement. Thank you."

Get well soon KG, but take all the time you need to get right.

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